Exoplanet discovery

Not a long time ago we were all speculating about planets orbiting around other suns than ours, so-called exoplanets. Actually there was a nobel prize for physics in 2019 for discovering the very first exoplanet.

Michael Mayor and Didier Queloz discovered the planet with the Radial_velocity method which is impressive.

Since then we discovered > 5000 exoplanets.

Next Step Exoplanet resurge

James Webb even could make an image. alt text

Today thanks to UniStellar and their eVScope even amateur astronomers like me can do Citizen Science resurge work on exoplanets.


So I went out to Brandenburg together with a good friend and we spend the night outside and observed Qatar-6b which was discoved in 2017 by Khalid Alsubai and his team.


NASA has also a nice interactive visualisation of how the planet can look like.