Setting up SDRplay remote on a raspberry pi



I recently bought myself a SDRPlay receiver to play with this technology and maybe build a ground station or meteor scatter detector. The original plan is to setup a receiver on the Motionlab roof with an raspberry pi and send the IQ data via network down to a local server and extract the interesting information. One great software to work remotely with an SDR receiver is the Soapy project.

Install the raspberry pi part

Build system

Install the latest raspberry pi lite version from

Core system

The soapy part consist of 3 parts. The Core system must be installed first.


The SDRplay part consist of two parts one are the proprietary binary libraries from SDRplay itself the the other part is the soapy wrapper for SDRplay.

Binary Libraries

The driver can be downloaded from the SDRplay homepage

The SDRplay Soapy wrapper

Test the Soapy access

Soapy Server for Remote Access

Run the server

If you want to run it as a service have a look here on how to autostart stuff in linux.